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Nights Like These
Nights like these remind me of the times I felt, times when I had feelings. Feelings I had buried deep inside of me. Because they never brought me anything but pain and despair.
When the night air smells like now, I tend to recall the moments of desire, tender intentions, romantic dreams and foolish hope for love.
These remembrances haunt me. They tend to rise from their graves like undead ghouls and shake my calm. For such reminiscences I now feel nothing but resentment for making me what I am.
They are like ghosts. Roaming about the dark empty hallways of the castle of my heart. At times I can hear the echoes of their wailings from the forsaken corners of my mind. Painful screams coming up from the cellars, torture chambers, creepy towers of this fortress of nightmares. But this heart cannot be conquered. For it is empty, and there is nothing but the smell of ancient memories of desperation.
And nights like these,
I watch again,
On the the Moon's silverscreen,
The noir movie,
Of my m
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The Devil's daughter
I'm rolling down
Straight to Hell
I'm boiling in a pot
I'm under your spell
I'm white-hot
And I'm steaming
I know I'll burn but...
...I'm not leaving
Spill some more lava on me baby
Throw me on the grill
Barbeque me baby
Grind me in your mill
Toss and turn
Fry to burn
Cook me like a steak
I guess that I'm a freak
But without you I'd be bleak
It's your cruel love that keeps me awake
You are the fire
That burns and keeps me warm
All I desire
My lighthouse in the storm
The pain that keeps me focused
You don't let me freeze
Spare me of the bogus
Save me from the peace
You are the Devil's daughter
So I sell my soul
To your father
For a slide to hell
By the side of you
I'll die before I get there
But I'll enjoy it 'fore I'm through
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 1 2
El pobre
Estoy captando el aire con mi boca
Como un loco estoy tratando respirar
Pero el aliento no está viniendo
Y el cerebro no más quiere funcionar
Yo quisé olvidarte muchas vezes
Pero estas grabada tan profundo
Que yo no puedo quitarte, porque eres...
Eres lo único que yo amo en este mundo
Mujer, si yo pudiera expicar
Que mucho amor llevo por ti
No nesecitaría grabar
Estas palabras escritan aquí
Yo quisiera ser un otro hombre
Cual tu pudieras amar
Pero solo puedo ser este pobre
Cual el único que puede es fallar
Y te pido a disculparme
Porque lo único que un pobre puede es pedir
Aparte de enamorarse
Y aparte de sufrir
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Ode to You
Если человек венец творения
То бесспорно ты корона
Неуловима, но внушаешь ощущения
Как огонь, как аромат одеколона
Венера, Афродита и Калипсо
Всех вместе засунешь ты
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Come back...Wake up
If I choose to excuse
What could I possibly lose?
May I confuse the truth
About me
Still, what could you prove?
This all may sound-not too profound
Since I ain't sober
This can go round'n'around
But is the truth really, really sharp or just so silly?
Truth is just like love
It comes willy-nilly, pure as a white dove,
And to excuse myself
I say I'm sorry
Though you don't give a good goddamn
For all the cheesy shit i wrote
That for me was torrid
That slammed me like a ram
I lost my head up in the clouds
Perhaps it has enriched my soul
But I need to hit the ground
Right now
I need to feel the real sound
And hear it real loud
To know what it's all about
To deplete my resource of doubts
To start to value the things I flout...
No doubt...
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 0 0
Only with you
I've told myself many times "that's enough"
That I can't carry this in my heart any more
But as long as it's there, I'm comfortably stuffed
My heart keeps beating, as long as it's sore
I'm grateful for my life being so simple so far
'Cause it means I've more time to suffer for you
I fear that the beauty of a new start would leave my life marred
Somehow I find it more beautiful to be feeling this blue
Yes, I'd accept a change, but only if it includes you
You by my side, my woman, my curse and destiny too
In my world of dreams, poetry and things beyond,
I would endure and wait forever
But the inescapable reality is not so fond
And I've fears, that we might never end up together
So I'll keep on trying and dying, to do whatever it takes
To change you, change me, and lead us to a common beautiful place.
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Dream a little dream of me
I'm sorry for not being what you wanted
I'm sorry, but love stays love no matter what you call it
I'm dead-tired, but I keep on pacing
I'm an iceberg on the outside, but my heart is racing
And it's a sweet venom, a pleasant sting
To know I'll always be but a beggar
Always thankful for anything you bring
Even if you mince my heart with a shredder
But despite all that I want to do something too
For your pleasure, well being, I want to love you
Love you the way you'd want it
Bring you delight of any kind
I'd be happy to sell my soul for it
To stay a little longer in your sober mind
I'm as desperate as a man can be
And in my dreams I dream, that you dream a little dream of me.
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 0 0
What was never meant to be
As adolescents we first met
As young ones we first kissed
Throughout the years that pass by we let
No doubt each other we've missed,
After the experiences of common
After the evenings of romance
As pure as a fine diamond
It became clear at long last,
I spent quite some years
Living for every chance to see you
Shed countless tears
To see what I have to do,
Because of the fate
That's mightier than us both
Impossible to escape
Regardless of any oath,
Across an ocean of time
I'd reach to you surely
To finally make you mine
To love you fully and purely
But life's not a novel
Our story's not a film
And I can't be your lover
No, not in this realm,
I bear a load that I cannot drop off
A love that makes me feel old
But I must admit I've had enough
In this mine for me ain't no real gold,
I know I'll be forgotten
Unlike you
Yet the kiss that I'd gotten
Will never be through,
Just for the farewell
Know, I'll pray for your soul
And if I shall go to hell
With you in my heart the hell will go cold,
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A beautiful devil
A perfect woman is a devil
And that's the way it should be
But be careful to never say never
At least once in your life a devil you'll meet
It's not certain she'll turn to your side
But be sure you'll turn to her's
And there'll be nowhere to hide
No matter who spots who first
Now I met a perfect woman
A devil in disguise
Not what I'd been assuming
When she first knocked out my eyes
As time passed
As we grew and changed
At the longest last
Our game had gotten it's rules arranged
How can I regret the sorrows
When I live to sell my soul
Forget the never coming morrows
Blind as sorry mole
But not a single day of seven years
Not a second I'd take back
After tears the world clears
And despite the broken heart it's not all black
But for too long it's lasted now...
I'm now prepared
Ready to say goodbye
Farewell after I'm dead
But for now I'm still alive
Tho' as long as my heart beats
Every beat will hurt to know
That moments with you will never repeat
Only a thorny memory will stay my dearest
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The Greatest
All the trivial cases,
That all people attend,
When they're in love, in outer spaces,
When all the trials end,
Rationally, it's all cheesy,
Not worth a man's tear,
Poetry is easy,
When what kills you isn't so dear,
Not so fatal,
Nor so deep inside one's heart,
Though we're taught of love from the very cradle,
Taught of selflessness from the very start,
What are worth the words?
Without a tear inside,
Without an image that leaves you disturbed?
Without a feeling undescribed,
Write as many rhymes,
Your imagination's able to provide,
Try as many times,
To paint a picture of what's inside,
Love, will always be the one,
That'll inspire the most,
Can't best the power of the Sun,
As a love poem will stay the mightiest ever composed.
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 0 0
Love's not a holy grail,
Not going through heaven or hell,
Not growing wings or rotting in jail,
Just being a dog chasing it's own tail.
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 0 0
Brutal cooldown
How can I ever know the truth?
And do I need it afterall?
I'm a skydiver, too long in the air,
I need to finally hit the floor.
Is that my heart about to explode?
Oh what a sweet sound,
Of my heartbeat so freakin' loud,
Tired of carrying my load.
And now, as the turn to act is mine
And chest's about to burst,head to blow away
Just as I'm ready to cross my line,
I'm rescheduled for another day.
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 0 0
Mind in a spiral
The rugged Mr.I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck in me tells me to stay out of everyone else's business
To avoid emotions and everything that makes us human
It tells me to seek adventure, danger, search for horror and death to look it straight in the face and challenge it
To resent love and romance, to give everyone the gaze that means "better not fuck with me"
Though I still can't help myself being a gentleman...
The romantic dreamer in me tells me to value all the extraordinary moments, even though they'll never come back, never last long and fade away like a dream
It tells me to take chances to change the grey day, to cherish these special feelings that you have for someone, for the one you love, the one that's been haunting your heart and mind for years
To absorb all the pain and bad luck, in order to acquire inspiration, motivation, to become stronger, better
Yet I can't help myself being a spoiled little boy
The spoiled little boy in me tells me not to feel bad for being a parasite, for not gro
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If I...
If I had an eternity to live
I'd still be seeking a way to you
A man in love is blind, whats'so'ever
it's easy to excuse myself of everything I do
And if I had but one more day to live
I'd spend it at least just watching you smile
regardless of you noticing me or not
I'd be happy just to enjoy that little while
And it doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong
from any point of view
The only thing that matters are my beliefs
and I'm just willing to waste my life for you
You are everything to me
I just can't help myself loving you endlessly
And I don't expect no miracles no more
I know that this is where i want to be
I am definitely doomed
I admit that i give up
But the last breaths I'll take
I'll dedicate to be a witness of your come up
I'll always be there, every chance i get
to see you, help you, or just to hear you speak
And absobrb all the pain you'll cause me
without a single moan, a hiss, or a painful shriek
In the final sentence i must admit
that i'm out of my motherfucking mind
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 0 2
Imperative mobility
We are so weak on the path
to what we want to achieve
We keep on falling all the way
for the hardest task is to believe
Believe that there's still hope
still a way to win
That inside there's will and strength
to shut the face beneath your skin
That seamy face
that whispers doubts into your heart
The face that talks you out of going
before you even start
Hard it's to remember that...
...worth of regrets are only things you feared to do
For the doubts that filled your mind
that took complete control of you
Fear cannot be banished
for it's an inseparable part of every one
We're just to lazy to be courageous
we rather blame it on the Sun
What seems to be insane and crazy
can sometimes be your only salvation
In the world where nothing's at least fair
the challenge's worth of confrontation
For those who sat and waited
resignedly for the end to come
Only in the face of their demise
they saw what was to be done
And when it already is too late
You know you chose the most unwanted fate
So better
:iconbogdangusarov:BogdanGusarov 0 0
A Dream
And i have seen a sight
that was too good to be true
even in hell wouldn't i believe
that it was wrong what i did do
and why should i admit
that wrong it is to choose fantasy over the real
when a heart is desperate for harmony
why couldn't a sweet fantasy heal
your eyes, these emerald orbs you pose,
encarcerate my gaze
and watching them so close
makes me desire you in so many ways
your voice, able to sooth a tortured soul
voice, that forces to obey
and on the other hand so unshakeable and cold
makes me afraid of everything you say
for all that i keep on falling
again and again from far above
with my wings and will all broken
with you i keep on falling in love
and now after all the trials with you
i have seen a sight of me
seeing all i've dreamt for within your eyes
everything that was never meant to be
i woke up full of will
to try again and see
if can make a dream come true
and make you stand by me
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Souls and Sparkles
To write something that is meaningful to someone else, you must first write something that is meaningful to yourself.
There are a thousand rooms in each person's mind, and each mind is a maze because it has been tangled. The hallways are criss-crossing and clumping, like long hair in the wind. Society has made it so.
We all have impure thoughts. Things that would make us "bad", unequal, or imperfect. Thoughts that make us different in gloriously unusual ways. We are born into the world unashamed, but then we are taught the unspoken words. Words that are rules. Words like normal, like good and bad, ugly and pretty. We are taught that if we do not fit the rule of "good", we are bad. We are evil, we are tainted, and so we are unwanted.
So, each of us hides our failures; our shortcomings, even though they are exactly the opposite of such. They are a representation of the uniqueness of each human soul, but unique is "bad", and so we hide. And those impure thoughts are hidden in darke
:iconwhisperedinsanity:WhisperedInsanity 182 44
The art and technology of life
Each day we awaken without a second thought. We complain of oversleeping, of under sleeping, of not sleeping right and contemplate getting just a few more minutes of rest. We go throughout our day, routines, seeing to our needs, responsibilities and wants. We think we are so aware, but are we really?
So seldom do we think of that works beneath the skin. From flesh to marrow, our body functions in ways unseen to us. Ways often forgotten until something goes wrong. As we eat our breakfast, such a simple action, the complexities of our body begin to go to work. Saliva flowing to break down our food, the muscles needed to swallow, how our esophagus contracts to push the food to the next stage of digestion. Yet we do not realize these things until we choke, it is then we become painfully aware, but the realization is often forgotten just as quickly.
The rhythmic beating of a heart, blood rushing through our veins, unfelt until we feel for a pulse, unseen until we are cut. A constant transfe
:iconcatalystspark:CatalystSpark 117 81
More Of You
Canary yellow tendrils,
long sunshine flowing and lining
a perfect smile, dimples and all,
it's like every single time you
grin, it's just another hook
you've got in me.
You just giggle and turn away,
laugh and pretend you don't hear
my advances, it's as if this whole
playing coy thing was thought out
ahead of time.
If I'm just reaching for the stars
then honey I've got my hands on the
milky way, gripping space and
begging for more.
I guess I just want what
I can't have.
Strawberry locks, with cute little spots
dotting high cheek bones, with those
piercing green eyes and porcelain skin,
it's like the world's greatest painter
couldn't have brushed you more beautifully.
And every word you say has me
lingering, and just begging for more,
but it just seems you're so far out of my league.
If I could find someone else, believe me I would,
but everything you do brings me right back to you.
The sunshine couldn't steal your spotlight,
even the brightest of bodies in the skyline
don't amount to
:iconroyalocean:royalocean 11 11
I hung myself on the noose of loneliness
long before you became the object of my affection.
You are the very focal point of my desire,
the very center of my universe, where gravity didn't
exist nor hinder me in any way as I floated high
above this world, a Universe far away from the
dregs and low-lives, where we could be together alone.
Don't mistake my intent for obsession, harm is far
from anything I would pose to you, and if I frighten you,
believe me I scared myself long before any one else.
I climbed Jacob's ladder straight to Heaven itself,
where the only thing awaiting me was your smile,
even if I've only seen it from a distance, the
space between us couldn't keep me from seeing it's beauty.
If you hate me now, believe me I understand,
just the sight of my own reflection is repulsive,
I don't want to be self deprecating or redundant,
do not mistake my ailment for insecurity, it's
simply common sense to know when there is a
special place reserved in hell for my type.
I hat
:iconroyalocean:royalocean 9 2
I'll be fine
Did you ever feel like you wouldn't mind,
if you'd get hit by a car?
Did you ever swim in the ocean,
and wouldn't care if you'd swim too far?
Have you ever not been able to open your eyes,
just 'cause it hurts too much?
Well, I feel like such.
I could touch it, I could feel it on my fingertips.
I could smell it, I could taste it on my lips.
You dragged me through hell,
and watched me as I fell.
It's not okay, but I will be.
I'll just have to find the real me.
Time will tell how hard I really fell.
I'll be fine, but right now I'm not doing so well.
:iconsimmiejkind:simmiejkind 16 10
A freakin Lonely september
"Sitting here all by myself, jus trying to think of something to do
Trying to think of something, anything, just to keep me from thiking of you
But you know its not working out cuz you're all that's on my mind
One though of you is all it takes to leave the rest of the world behind.'"
Its 3.45 am
Im staring at the blank piece of paper, fiddling with the 3H pencil.
Trying to draw something.You used to love the way I draw.
How could I draw again.
I remember that fateful day when you said you dont love me
I remember how you said we dont have a future together
I remember my silence, although it seemed deafening.
I remember biting my lips so hard that I could taste blood
I remember____
I straighten up and shake my head, glaring at the paper
I brighten my desk lamp and take a sip of my coffee.
Bracing myself to get the usual sudden burst of energy to draw.
Is it getting hot in here?
"I didnt mean for this to go, as far as it did,
I didnt mean for this to go, and share what we did
I didnt mean
:iconreeh0:reeh0 4 4
Broken Nothingness
I'm like a torn up piece of paper
And you, a broken pen
Together we are nothing
And we'll be nothing to the end
But darling they can fix you
And I am nothing still
An eternity of nothingness
My death becomes my will
And when you're floating flying falling screaming shouting yell
Remember that my life is
Just a fiery hell
Impulsiveness it takes control
And grabs a hold of me
I never meant to live this long
I've waited patiently
So kill me now and kill me fast
I'll tell you something true
Even though i'm letting go
I'm still in love with you
:iconunrealityxx:unrealityxx 4 0
Your Abuse Is Over Now
If I'm black and blue will you love me then?
If I let you hit me again and again…
If I cry and hide and bruise and bleed…
If I follow you while you take the lead…
If I hold your hand for the dance of death…
If I let you beat me 'til I'm out of breath…
I love you so much, but you knock me down
It's so tough to get off the ground
I can't take this any longer
Like a broken bone, I'll come back stronger
I'll stand and rise from the floor
I'll be better than before
I'll end all the lies and deceit
With a smile so wide while you watch me leave.
:iconunrealityxx:unrealityxx 49 11
Hated Love, Beloved Hate
There is no war, and yet no peace either.
And even as all hope is cast aside, it still blazes.
Burning yet freezing as I soar and yet fall.
Here I am in emptiness though completely filled.
I am not forced to remain here, yet bound all the same.
And though so bound, I am also set free.
Though I am not dead, I cannot seem to live...
And love does not so much as care.
Though blinded, I see, and though mute, I scream.
And just as I long for health, I ask for death.
I hate myself because my heart does not belong to me.
In my sorrow I am whole, and happy in my anguish.
Nothing is right...not life nor death.
And dear Love, I utterly blame you.
:iconmagpievon:MagpieVon 18 34
There comes a time in our lives
when we have to say goodbye.
Friendships come and go…
even if we wish it could be otherwise.
My double standards got in the way…
just like your uncaring demeanor.
I see that clearly now.
You saw it all along.
In many ways, I was wrong.
But that doesn’t mean you were always right.
We both won and lost battles.
We were both partially right—
and mostly wrong—
in some instances.
And we were both too set in our ways to change.
You’re able to accept the fact
that friendships end.
It’s time I learn from your example.
Maybe we just forgot how to be friends.
More likely, we never knew how to begin with.
We don’t understand each other anymore.
More importantly…
we stopped trying to understand.
This is our time.
:iconmagpievon:MagpieVon 19 16
Although you are one of my best friends, and I do love you so,
I know we may never speak again, thats terrible to know.
I remember good times, that we shared together,
the jokes we shared, times we cried, that may be gone forever.
The times when you were there for me, stood by me every step,
and the times when I stood by you,  when you needed help.
All things they must come to an end, although I don't know why,
the only thing I can say, is goodbye, my friend, goodbye.
:iconwillsayers2k3:willsayers2k3 132 37
Sing Me a Love Song by reeh0 Sing Me a Love Song :iconreeh0:reeh0 58 41 Her back by reeh0 Her back :iconreeh0:reeh0 161 71 Rage by reeh0 Rage :iconreeh0:reeh0 107 37 Angelina Jolie by CountSale Angelina Jolie :iconcountsale:CountSale 4 3
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The Twilight Hater's Bible :icondr-paine:Dr-Paine 334 289




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